Providing Education for Life

Realise your dreams

Opal Education provides courses and customized services to individuals, small businesses and organizations on a broad range of subject areas including:

  • Business Start-Up
  • Small Business Growth
  • Marketing
  • Business Management & Personalized Business Coaching
  • Small Business Opportunities in New Zealand
  • Financial Management
  • Organization & Staff Development
  • Leadership
  • Curriculum & Course Design
  • Intercultural Communication and Diversity Management
  • Learning English language in New Zealand

Opal Education brings together a team of highly qualified business and education consultants from a diverse array of backgrounds, providing a rich pool of national and international experience, innovation and expertise.

We believe in every person’s ability to transform their lives. It is never too late because learning is a life long journey.

We believe that theory and knowledge, in order to be meaningful, must be taught in a way that enables the student to integrate what they have learned into the practical aspects of their daily lives, hence our bi-line providing education for life.

We believe that education is a right, not a privilege, and so we are pleased to offer our business courses and all resource materials free. This means that regardless of your financial situation, we can provide you with access to quality educational opportunities.

About Opal Education

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